PenAir Flight into Unalaska Crashes on Landing, One Deceased

A PenAir flight to Unalaska crashed shortly after landing at that airport just before 6 pm as it left the runway and came to a violent stop at the edge of Captain’s Bay taking the life of one passenger, Alaska State Troopers reported.

The aircraft operated by PenAir, a twin-engine Saab 2000, had  39 passengers and three crew members aboard at the time of the incident. Two passengers were critically injured, one of which, 38-year-old David Allan Oltman of Washington, succumbed to his injuries.

Part of the passenger list consisted of the Cordova swim team and their chaperones. All members of that team and chaperones escaped injury and are fairing well. 10 others suffered minor injuries and are expected to survive.

The cause of the accident is not immediately available although high winds at the airport are suspect. The NTSB was notified and have responded to the scene to investigate.

In a statement, PenAir said, “It is with our deepest sorrow that we have confirmed that one of our critically injured passengers from PenAir Flight 3296 passed away last night.”